Colin Batty is an artist from Manchester, England. He has worked on countless cool projects including Tim Burton's, Mars Attacks, the Oscar nominated short, The Sandman, Eddie Murphy's, The PJ's and many, many more. Colin has contributed to Freakybuttrue for many years and graces this site with his Wolverton images, Stunt Chicken, Stella's Baby-sitting Service and more.

Here now are some beautiful examples of Colin's work. Scroll down to purchase your copy of "What a World, the Art of Colin Batty." Published in 2012, 130 pages, Softbound, 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches. Click the link below to check out Colin's newest book, Meet the Family, a collection of 100 altered cabinet cards. Also are the Freakybuttrue Comics (Many drawn by Colin) and Mike's novel that Colin Illustrated.

© Copyright all images by Colin Batty 2015