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1911:History records the first ever use of Craig's list  

Merv Landers wasn't planning on doing too much, on March 24th, 1911. Merv went home and into his back yard and saw that he had a message on his wi-fi. (wire fence) Yes, it was another note pinned to the fence by his neighbor and famous belcher, Craig Muldooney. Craig,had been the default state belching champion after Brian T. Severson cracked a rib at the state championships in 1909. Now, Craig was poised to go for the nationals, but first was going to Latvia to train for 3 years at a Monastery.  Craig was also famous for his notes he'd post on the wire fence, and also made many lists. He posted a list on the fence consisting of things he wanted to give away before leaving for Latvia. On the list was a "jar of unknown liquid."

Merv Landers was walking by and saw the posting and snapped up the jar of liquid. "I'm always looking for a good deal, but a jar of unknown liquid for free? I would have paid 2 bits, no question! I wish everything were on Craig's list."

When asked what Landers would do with the liquid, he laughed, thought, and then laughed again. Well I'm gonna drink it, unless it tastes bad, then I'm gonna drink it fast. Craig reported that the list was so effective that all the stuff was gone in less than 2 months. I had to take it down, right away, people kept asking me, "Anymore jars of unknown liquid?"