Local Woman Sentenced in Unusual Court Case
-- Blodanker Charles (Ames, Iowa)
Superior Court judge Wendle Fudge handed down a stiff sentence to a local two-headed woman for causing a public distrubance while arguing with herself.

The left head, a Miss
Milly Corby
of 65 Pencilnut Road will spend six months in the country jail and pay a $19.99 fine.  The right head, whose name is withheld her name because of juvenile status was happy with the verdict.

The left head was said to be outraged with the verdict and would immediately start appeal proceedings. The correctional officers who will be responsible for the incarceration of the two-headed woman are said to be ready for their prisoner and have two large piles of hats for the two heads to try on.
(June 16, 1983)    

The angry, two-headed woman moments after her verdict was handed down. To her right is her cousin Gilda Dabney a special spin doctor and legal consultant specializing in multi-headed people and pets . The owner of the hand is unknown, but some believe it is the famous hand of Kimberly Wrinkle .

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