Mike Wellins Filmmaker Director Animator Writer

Mike Wellins has been an artist and garage filmmaker since age 8. He studied Art, English, Computer Animation and film and video production at California State University, Chico.

Mike is a freelance writer, director, filmmaker.  Mike is also a director at Laika/HOUSE  in Portland, Oregon.

Clients and companies:
Walt Disney Feature Animation, ABC TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Kelloggs, Warner Brothers TV, Fox TV, Hanna Barbera, Cartoon Network, the Sci-fi Channel, IFC, Sony Playstation, Special Olympics, Kraft, Hawaiian Punch, Insurance.com, Pringles, Arizona Clean Elections.

Spots and shows:
The Powerpuff Girls, The PJs,  Frosted Miniwheats, The Tacobell 9s, Alltel Wireless, Kikkoman, Mirinda, Bubbletape, War of the Monsters, Legend of Dragoon,  ABC Cheap Cinema Theatre, NFL Blitz 2000, Ready to Rumble, Syphon Filter, SPAM, Almond Joy and the M&Ms.

Awards and festivals:  
The  3rd Animation Celebration, 2001 Sundance Festival, Spike and Mike's festival and Sick and twisted, Gold and Silver Plaques from the Chicago Int'l festival,  2007 Telly, 2005 Hiroshima International Festival, An ASIFA Annie in 2000,  AWN Spot of the year, 2001,  Don Belding Award, Siggraph, Ottawa, Chicago Underground Festival, The 33rd NW Film and Video festival, Sacramento Film festival, The Utah Film festival, The Humboldt International Film Festival, The Portland International Short Film Festival. The 60 second film festival.

Mike has also lectured at Siggraph, Nike, GDC conference and the Ottawa International Animation festival on directing and storytelling for animation. On this topic  Mike has published a textbook in 2005,
  Storytelling Through Animation, widely available through Thomson Learning and Charles River Media.

2010 Mike Wellins published Photographer Unknown, a photographic collection of found photographs.

2010 Mike Wellins published Stella's Babysitting Service a mid-level chapter book.

2012 Mike Wellins published Mountain of the Dead a novel based on a historical mystery.