The Rosanna Stone
This was one of the finer aquistions for the Museum.  Dubbed the Rosanna Stone, it was found by part time archeologist and full time narcoleptic
Rosanna Numblecker in the Wasatch Mountains
in 1971.

The stone was nearly 1.2 billion years old and had what appears to be the carving of an "astronaut" figure etched into the 30 ton rock. Carbon dating dates the piece at 2,670,994,869 B.C. Also the cut of the pants also seem to confirm that the early seventies, even a billion years ago were a popular decade for bell bottoms.  After the foreclosure of the museum the priceless stone was ground into grit that was later used as grip tape for skate boards.

The Clairvoyance Helmet
Although the instructions and documentation were most likely
thrown away with the packaging, this remains one of the finest
working Clairvoyance helmets ever created. However, like most helmets of the time, it caused the standard nose bleeds and
explosive diarrhea but one could briefly communicate with the dead as long as they didn't discuss certain topics like lawn care
and forms of welding.
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