Stunt Chicken wasn't always the international phenom that he is now. Stunt Chicken's modest beginnings began in Modesto, California where he was born/hatched. Stunt Chicken was born to Lycra farmers Cecil and Miriam Cohen and their three children, Maurice, Sundog and Liftingpowder.

Stunt Chicken's egg was discovered only seconds before it was to be added to a delicious quiche. The egg was much larger than normal and was tough, extremely tough and it was that toughness that saved his life.  An elderly neighbor, Hildegard Curbfeeler had purchased a dozen eggs from the Cohens, but was unable to break Stunt Chicken's egg and in fact hurt her wrist and neck trying to do so.

Hildegard, complained to the Cohens and returned the unbreakable egg. At one point, Hildegard threatened to sue the Cohens for her injuries, medical bills and emotional distress, but instead settled out of court for a new regular dozen eggs, a deep, cleansing back rub and a large wooden box of rock candy mixed in with rocks.

Stunt Chicken's first movie role came in the 1957 Western classic, West of the Pecos, South of Fresno. The film was a box office flop, but Stunt Chicken didn't go unnoticed with an awesome, 15 minute fist fight in a collapsing sequin mine.

In 1958, his stunt work in Dial K for Killer received critical acclaim. Stunt Chicken was in the movies. From then on, he starred in numerous movies, tv shows, commercials and educational films, all the while perfecting his stunt work.


Curious and annoyed by the unbreakable egg, the Cohens took the egg back to their ranch. They decided to let it hatch, figuring that perhaps it was somehow locked from the inside. Mr. Cohen stood by with his rifle just in case the egg turned out to be harboring a demon. After a couple of days, the egg hatched, and a stunt legend was born.

The family took Stunt Chicken in as a member of the family and treated him as they would any animated talking Chicken wearing a helmet. However it wasn't all cheery and soft focused lenses. Mr. Cohen distrusted Stunt Chicken and said he would feel better about the arrangement if he and Stunt Chicken could spend some quality time together by the Barbecue with some various sauces and potatoes.

Stunt Chicken was a normal kid but knew early on, that he was destined for movies and for stunt performance. His first stunt was jumping through a candy glass window, during his forth grade musical stage production of the Lizzie Borden trials. Although he'd been flinging himself off of anything since he was just a hatchling.

His most famous films include, Cowboy, Cowman, Moon at Midnight, Suddenly Dead, and a series of racing films that started with Redline Road Rash, followed by Redline Road Rash II; Season of the Rookies, Sheriff of Firebaugh County, A River Runs Around It, The Jawbreaker Rally, Billard Ball Run and Billard Ball Run II, and his final racing film, Interceptor,  which was the film where Stunt Chicken was nearly killed in a catering mishap. For a brief time, because of his extensive injuries, Stunt Chicken had to limit his stunt work to knuckle cracking and deep burps.

From that point, while still recovering from his injuries, Stunt Chicken delved into more straight acting roles in features like The Sound of Musicians, Gone with the Breeze, and the critically acclaimed, If You Could Hear What I Smell.

Stunt Chickenís personal life was a rough as some of his stunts. To date, he has been married four times and recently announced a possible fifth and six marriages in the near future. Stunt Chicken's most famous wife was his third, Vivian Conrad, a minor star who made herself world famous when she won the Nobel Peace Prize for cooking with her famous Tuna and Noodles Casserole. Due to a pre-nup, Stunt Chicken received none of the Nobel Prize money.


In the seventies and eighties, Stunt Chicken took a break from feature movies and settled into a colorful career in television, where he appeared on many favorite TV shows like Pantyhose Junction, Trees Company, My Mother the Hovercraft, as well as many guest appearances on talk and game shows. For a time, Stunt Chicken hosted his own variety show, The Stunt Chicken Musical, Stunt and Comedy Hour on the Armed Forces Network. AFN.

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The turn of the millennia aimed the fickle spot-light of media back on Stunt Chicken who revitalized his career by appearing in Waterslide the Movie, Frat House Fracas as well as the steamy mini-series, Band of Brothels.

Stunt Chicken lives in Hornitos, California with his fourth wife Melinda and their two sons, Epicure and Davenport. Stunt Chicken spends his spare time on his ranch, where he and his wife raise prize winning Gila Monsters for meat and or pets. He also volunteers at nearby Yosemite National Park, where he cautions hikers on having too much fun in a National Park. He also teaches a weekend class at the park on EST,  as well as basket weaving and Snipe hunting.

Stunt Chicken, his eponymous movie, is his first starring role.

(Below) A publicity still from Stunt Chicken's variety show, The Stunt Chicken Musical, Stunt and Comedy Hour, seen here with two of the Stunt Chicken dancers, Candy and Howard.